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The Studio’s backbone is a Neotek Elite (1987) analog mixing console.
Loaded with 40 inline mono channels. This console is very clean quite warm sounding and has advanced internal routing.
The amazing monitor system contains of a pair of ATC 100ASL (Big 12” 3way) and ATC 25A (near fill 7”3way).
This system is routed/leveled /aligned via lake LM44 processor.

IMG_0563 (1).jpg


Lexicon Pcm70, Lexicon Pcm42, SPX90II, Rev7, Line6 DLY, Eventide H949, Echoplex tape DLY, Lexicon Vortex, Lexicon 480, TC M5000, SPX 2000.

IMG_0555 (1)_edited.jpg


Focusrite RED3, Api2500, Distressor EL8X, FJ SSL BUS compressor, 2xApi 527,Joemeek VC1Q, Focusrite isa115, Urei 1178, Keypac Gatex, DBX160A.



DAW system is based on Mac Pro 12 core running Waves SG studio using MGB and Antelope as AD-DA. Also connected to a Waves Extreme and full mercury plugin package.Software available is logic x and Pro-tools.

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